It’s your money

This is one of the thoughts in my mind for every review I write. The reader’s choice; therefore, their money; might be influenced by my words. No, that’s not ego speaking, it’s experience as I have made decisions based on someone else’s review.

We all have budgets and I don’t want to spend your money. I also do not want to cost the author a sale.

The important thing I need to remember, again, my reviews are just my opinions. Please read other reviews as well then make your decision. I don’t like one sentence reviews – great book – fun read – would buy author again. They tell me nothing about the book. And, yes, some friends will write these to help raise attention to their friend’s book. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless it’s a lie.

I share this because if there’s loads of positive reviews without details, I start to wonder about connections between author and comment maker.

I once read someone’s book and was disappointed. The author was someone in the same group as me and I thought this person had all the talent required to be a great read. Yes, they had all the qualifications. No, I didn’t mix with the book. Wasn’t my cup of tea. Author didn’t quite like my honesty…as to not mixing with it. Now for my ego…he brushed my opinion aside as if I was wrong to not think highly of his words.

Which brings me back to – it’s your money. I am always conscious of the cost; the cost to everyone.

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