Baby Shark (Baby Shark series Book 1)

By Robert Fate

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  • Publisher: Robert Bealmear; Second Edition edition (March 23, 2012)
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Story opens in October 1952 –– A father murdered. A daughter sexually assaulted, beaten, left for dead. As a rule, in the 1950s, a good girl didn’t admit being raped—and she’d never seek revenge for her father’s murder. But Kristin Van Dijk didn’t play by the rules.



Be prepared for your heart to be hurt and your spirit to roar and cheer and yet still grieve for what was lost.

This is how Baby Shark began. This is a tale of strength and found friends becoming family. It’s a tale of justice, sure, self-made justice, maybe even revenge, but it’s what I, the reader, wanted and what Baby Shark needed as much as the story and series demanded.

I didn’t know her history; I started the series with book 3, but the author graciously sent me books 1 and 2. Now, I’m thrilled to learn there’s more. At 5 or 7 from one internet search. I’m hooked.

I’ve said before Mr. Fate’s writing is straightforward simple, gritty, and there’s no punches pulled. This first book is not an easy read. The attitude given to Baby after her assault via hospital staff had me ready to tear someone apart. But, those where the times. No “good” girl got herself raped. What man would possibly want her now? She’s washed up.

This girl has guts. She fights her way back and then some. She earns and gives respect to those who were not always seen as “proper” society. As “fitting” to be around. You know, the kind proper, fitting society deems unworthy, turns away from. I’d rather hang with Baby and her group. My problem is, I don’t think I have the strength of character to handle what they do. The ability to do what needs doing.

Maybe it’s my age, fifty-six as of this writing, but I want to mother Baby. Protect her from the ugliness life showed her. My other problem there…she’s risen above that ugliness and has found the society that accepts her as she is.

There are characters which will haunt you not because you they’re friendly, likable, nice, clean-cut, make you laugh, but because they give you a look into the darker side of humanity. They dare you not to flinch. You’re reminded that life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but if you keep going life can surprise you.

I will safely say that Baby Shark isn’t for everyone. It’s raw and hungry. You will cheer throughout the read. You will worry. You might even yell a little…no comment.

What more can you ask of a book?

Please excuse me while I go and finish reading book two.

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