Insights: Review your business(es)

I was wondering if this would be more a LBU post until I realized I’ve just reviewed my businesses and how I want to proceed with them, so it fits here as reviewing and editing are my businesses as well.

We can get stuck in our own muddle; become our own blockage; stale because of our determination; blind to a passion lost; the square to our circle. Oh come on, how many of these can I write before I’m done with the over-done?

My dad had a saying, you’ve probably heard this one: s**t or get off the pot. Well, I might not be getting off the “pot” but I am changing it.

I’ve recently, as in the last 10 months or so, left 2 direct sales companies I enjoyed, but no longer feel that drive inside anymore. It’s nothing against them or their products or anyone involved, not even low sales, I’m just not that into them as much as I feel I should be in order to promote them to others. Not that much into them that I have the active time they need.

And, now I’m changing up another direct sales business. I’m not leaving it, but I’m not showcasing it as much as I have in the past. Again, nothing to do with the company, I’m staying, and nothing to do with sales…I’ve never gone into any direct sales venture to make money as being my primary reason (maybe wrong attitude, but it’s mine and I own it).

There’s been a couple of areas that keep hitting the inside of my mind for attention, ones I have been neglecting. Ones I have been slow at…hmmm, anyone owed a review by chance?  And these areas are where I’m being pulled, again? finally?

If we pay enough attention to what’s happening within us, we will eventually find our way through the muddled blocked moldy ill-fitting blinders.

What will you uncover if you look inside instead of outside?