What Makes It Campy?

That depends on the viewer, doesn’t it?

Sometimes the single movie can be fully campy, Sharknado; Tremors; Porky’s; The Blue Lagoon to start. Or any of their sequels.

Serious films – campy? I only named, uhm, only named monster weather/critters, a sex comedy and who knows what that other movie was supposed to be. Serious movies can be campy, too. I’m drawing a blank right now to give any examples.

How much trouble will I get for saying – Marvel or DC? Oh come on, how can you not call them campy?

Campy – as in over the top. Way too much of anything.

No one ever said campy can’t mean good.

Campy movies, the only criteria is I have had to have fun watching them. What’s your campy movie requirement?