Campy Movie Reviewing

Think it’s about time I started, don’t you? I did set this section up quite some time ago.

I used to review Buffy the Vampire Slayer series for a long-gone website. Mix of a shortened recap and my thoughts. I seriously can’t remember what other show I wrote about as well. I did enjoy this writing.

There was something that prompted me to add this to my site, but I can’t remember it to save my life. Most likely, I was watching a monster-animal movie and wanted to share it…I would have had to have liked it or had fun watching for it to be a prompt.

What was my original intention? Campy B, C, even D and lower grade movies…hey some of them are the best.

What’s a campy movie? Sharknado? Halloween? Spaceballs? Ghostbusters? Romancing the Stone? All their sequels?

Since when was Interview with the Vampire a romance? Venom…a comedy? Yup, noticing this as I search the genre section of the online TV guide.

Have movie genres blurred that much?

It’s time I stepped up and talked movies, maybe TV series. Probably need to change the section title…Campy or Not to be Campy…hey, I like that one.

Any, not that I need one, excuse to rewatch…..

Really, do we ever need an excuse?