Bringing back…

…my previous categories.

I’m a Virgo and also naturally love organized chaos, so categories work for me. It also, no fibbing, makes ideas for blog posts a whole lot easier.

So, here goes for the last week of the month…the reviewer’s pet peeves.

But, let me talk about something beyond my reviewer forum and share…the authors’ pet peeves: where’s the review?

I’m so far behind in getting reviews to authors I can feel the panic and dismay and guilt build up every time I start to read your books. Every time I look at my list of authors and publishers I owe reviews to I cringe.

Apologies only go so far. Reasons…excuses…explanations…only go so far. All are valid and happen, but that doesn’t make them any less…any less…weak?

Every author I know wants and needs reviews. They have all gotten a bit miffed to angry (a far better word than p**sed, but…) when they have, in good conscience and trust, sent out copies of their hard work and end up with no exchanged review…liking or even disliking…not even a communication.

This month’s pet peeve…the lack of response and return.