Professional Reader

What do I do? I read. I write book reports that don’t get graded, but do get judged. It’s not a money paying job, but it’s a responsibility I’ve undertaken. It has me reading about 15 or so books a week. Oh, and those are not my pleasure reads, they add another 5 or so, plus a few short story magazines.

Think that qualifies me as a professional reader.

Or do I need to receive money for that title? That’s another conversation.

There are a few who would say I’m wasting my time, could be doing something more worthy, making money, but is it wasting and unworthy if it’s what I love, enjoy, and am good at?  Plus all this reading improves my writing. It brings publishers and magazines to my attention for my work. Let alone I’m helping bring readers to authors.

We all need to do what brings us joy. Do what we’re good at. Sure there are times, every day, we need that living money, but don’t allow that to stop you from, also, doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy.

Surprises maybe just around the corner.