The short story

Novellas. Short stories. Flash Fiction. They don’t get the attention deserved whether in a collection or by themselves. These words can give as much to their readers as any larger volume of one story can. Sometimes more and even less.

How to review them is the puzzle, unless you enjoy giving everything away and spoiling it for others.

The writing style is still important. Weak writing is still weak and at times unenjoyable. This is where the reviewer needs to decide what type of reviewer – what style – they are.

There are occasions I can be picky and then there’s times I love the escape, concept, phrasing of the story where I’ll overlook the weaker parts. Hopefully, I will warn my readers when I do.

Reviewers being reviewed, of course it happens. And, here’s the end of this short post…straight to the point without (much) waste.

*side voice – as I wrote this on paper I heard a very uppity voice in my head. Here’s hoping (1) it doesn’t read that way and (2) I have the guts to keep this in when I type it out. I’m not hearing that original voice as I’m typing it now, thank heavens.