Why pick me to review your book?

Self-promotion. Sell ourselves; our skills. It’s not easy talking about ourselves or what we sell/offer. Especially to strangers. But, let me try.

I do not accept money for my reviews.

I accept a copy of your book, eBook that is then never shared with anyone. The copies are my business copies which I store away.

I read paper, kindle, epub. I love series. New or previously releases work for me.

I don’t, can’t guarantee a timeline; however, I’m better in my timing lately.

I will get a review written that will be posted on my blog and on your author page on my site.

I review publisher books and self-published authors.

But, why choose me?  I can’t answer that for you. I don’t, try not to, rip anyone’s work apart. I don’t offer criticisms on style unless it is something I either could not avoid or something I know will bother a reader, but did not bother me. I enjoy sharing books with others, it’s why I review.

I am open for new and established authors. I am no longer attached to any publishing house so am comfortably free to review new works by authors I know – this is the scariest relationship. Reviewing works so much easier between strangers.

The best approach is to contact me and let’s talk.