The Wives of Logan’s Point

By Ken Blaisdell

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Publisher: Lightkeeper Press (January 1, 2012)

Paperback: 287 pages

Genre: Murder Mystery

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Publisher: Lightkeeper Press (November 10, 2012)

Publication date: November 10, 2012


For Karen Skinner suicide is the only option she has left. After enduring her husband’s cheating, lying, and violence for seven long years he has finally pushed her over the edge by having sex with the fifteen-year-old girl next door—in Karen’s own bed.

In the early morning hours in her suburban Connecticut home Karen ends her suffering with a single bullet to the head … her husband’s. But Karen finds herself not just relieved to be rid of her abusive SOB of a husband, she is shocked that the cold-blooded act of her “wife-assisted suicide” has given her a thrill unlike anything she has ever known before.

Thanks to Karen’s meticulous planning and attention to the smallest details, the case is officially closed as a suicide. She has fooled all of the investigators … except one. Tony LaCosta is sure that Karen murdered her husband—he just can’t prove it.

Six years later, Karen has remarried and has moved to the small coastal town of Logan’s Point, Oregon—and she is feeling the urge to kill again.

Karen is one of a group of six women who live around a cul-de-sac and share a closeness that transcends the friendship of just neighbors. When one by one her friends confide their marital woes to Karen she manages to convince them that they would be better off without their respective husbands, and that murdering them is not only much simpler, faster, and cheaper than divorce, but it is infinitely more satisfying. For Karen, however, the motivation to kill is always the same; the pure thrill of it.

Through Karen’s careful plotting and coaching, none of the deaths are even investigated as homicides. They are listed as natural, accidental, or suicide. Perfect crimes.

But a chance meeting threatens to burst the wives’ protective bubble of perfection when Karen runs into LaCosta at the Portland airport. Retired and in Oregon on unrelated business, he nevertheless finds the time to poke his nose into Karen’s new life. Although his investigation is unofficial, he finds the deaths of so many neighborhood husbands highly suspicious, and his detective’s instincts tell him that his prediction back in Connecticut, that Karen would eventually kill again, has come to pass.

My Review:

Total Winner!

Okay, you would think the synopsis/blurb has given everything away…Nope. Seriously, this story is a page-turner simply because you will want to know WTH is next. What can they possible get away with now, again, WTH, and a few oh no way.

Who cheers for the bad guy…gal…the killer(s)? You will. And, then, you’ll wonder maybe you shouldn’t be. Do you or don’t you want them to get what should be coming to them? I kept flipping back and forth.

And then…yeah, can’t tell you that one, or that other thing that follows, dang, not even the next bit. The ending’s ending, yeah, I finished Wives of Logan’s Point satisfied and peeved that it ended.

There was one little bit that I found slow and it slowed me away from the group and their story. I’m happy to share that it didn’t last, even made some sense to the overall story.

I have read about three of Ken’s books and currently reading another and all are different. All are entertaining and have pulled me in to the point I don’t want them to end.

I struggled all day with this review because it truly is a Total Winner. That says it all as far as I’m concerned.

Ken, you did it again.

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