Strange Caper

By Thea Phipps

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It was to be an idyllic Greek holiday, courtesy of Albert and Violet, retired field agents for MI6. But, when the Frenchman entered the picture, not to mention the bipolar policeman and Serbian acrobats, everything changed. Instead of fleeing to safety, Bella ends up trapped on the naturists’ island of Gavdos. She becomes ensnared in kidnapping, smuggling, and in trying to understand the puzzling brass key that will save them all…

My Review:

First, re-reading the blurb I realize I haven’t even hit most of this and already I’m flying high. How does Bella and Tamsin get into these predicaments? Well, of course, by Thea’s imagination…how does she come up with this all, though?

There’s always a slight chaos when Bella and Tasmin get together. Add Albert and Violet and you better hold on. Then hold on again, again, yeah, don’t even blink. Gavdos isn’t that big of an island; how did they…and then… Yes, I won’t…can’t…give you any details. This is pure Bella.

But, you can’t blame Bella. She’s caught up in a madcap group of characters and I hope they show up again. There’s a tumbling scene that I snort-laughed when reading. There were a few snort-laughs.

Grandfather. I do believe he does quite a bit of headshaking. I love this character, he’s become a major favourite of mine. Thea…don’t let anything happen to him.  And nothing better happen to Albert and Violet, they’re brilliantly bewildering and baffling…love them.

Oh, and Thea, you know who, at the end of the trip, uhm, yeah, needs to come back…BIG TIME needs to come back.

If you’ve read the first two Bella books then you know Thea’s story style. Nothing’s different here in Strange Caper and I’m thrilled. Thea’s writing is a jam-packed rollercoaster. I find her characters warm and comfortable. She has created them as family and this comes across without being mushy or overly sweet. I did miss her aunts in this book.

I thoroughly enjoy visiting with them all and look forward to their next escapade.

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  1. I enjoyed all of Thea’s books, this one was my favorite until The Italian Key. But, you wouldn’t have the Italian Key without Strange Caper. I have been looking for the next book to come out. I have been rereading all of Thea’s book with this covid thing hanging around. I wonder how Bella would handle it?

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