Trouble in the Elf City Book 2: The Silent Warrior Trilogy

By Anna del C. Dye

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Publication date: May 20, 2014

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Paperback: 372 pages

ISBN-10: 1432730460

ISBN-13: 978-1432730468


In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond. Suddenly the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race. Will Adren have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all?

My Review:

I started this read with book 1 firmly in mind and the style of the storytelling. I still find it difficult to match this world’s female elf concept to that which I have read elsewhere over the years. Here I find the elves too role-locked for my liking…nope, that’s as much as I can say without giving more away.

The author has lost the information dump and story race feel I found in the first book and there isn’t the breaking of that 4th wall, which I appreciate.

The story is one of finding love and the matchmaking that I found cute. I remember too many times friends asking me if so-and-so liked them and should they ask them out, which I said just ask them.

I was annoyed with the dialect of the invaders. It was too much, for me.

I am curious about the next path in this series. There is a lead-up in book 2 which flows into the story for book 3, a smooth continuation.

Reading a few other reviews, I’m saddened that I didn’t connect as much as they did. One mentioned, light level fantasy which I can agree with.

However, a couple of the reviewers had listened to this story on audiobook which would have given a different connection because, as I stated with book 1, there is a general feel of being told a story.

Don’t go just by my review of this series, please read the other reviews on Amazon as well. Again, different mixes produce differing views.

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