Raymond Benson’s The Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes

About, From the Black Stiletto Website

The Black Stiletto returns in the third book of the thrilling new series. It’s 1960 and the Black Stiletto, in her civilian persona as Judy Cooper, volunteers to work for JFK’s presidential campaign, only to become involved in a devious behind-the-scenes plot that could change the course of history. In the present, Martin, the Stiletto’s son, must deal with his mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms, his own mental health issues, and the dilemma of whether or not to reveal his family’s secrets to a new woman in his life. And then there’s Gina, the Stiletto’s granddaughter, who is exhibiting behavior that suggests she is closer in spirit to her grandmother than Martin would like.

My Review:


The Black Stiletto and Kennedy. The Black Stiletto…reborn? The Black Stiletto meets the Tongs. The Black Stiletto takes on the Russians.

Any one of these would make an interesting read, but what you get is all of them in one book. No wonder Martin’s ready to fall apart. How do you keep all this a secret? How does one woman live through all of it?

Is this all over the top fiction? Sure it is and I’m glad I have two more Black Stiletto books to read. At first I didn’t like moving between Judy’s diaries and Martin’s present day chapters, but now they’ve become somewhat integrated. I’m liking Martin and want to see how his life continues. Something that annoyed me when I first started reading this series. Mr. Benson has weaved Martin’s own story into the emotional pull of his heroine’s adventures.

I’m rushing this writing because I want to get reading the next book. I know I’m going to miss this series when I finish book five. Logic tells me there’s an ending I won’t like, but it will be the most probable conclusion and only one we could possibly have.

Please, let me be wrong.