Out of print?

I’ve just discovered that a backlogged review copy is no longer in print, now what do I do?

I continue with the review and let the readers know.


I don’t know if the author is in the middle of negotiating a new publication release or publishing it themselves. Maybe selling it via their own site. I made a pledge to read and write a review and that’s something I will keep.

There are pros and cons to the situation; however, I don’t feel that turning my back on the book/author is fair. I will continue to reach out to the authors when the review(s) are completed and should they ask to have them removed from my site, no problem.

One of the aspects of our industry is that books do become out of print; do transition publishers; do go through revamping and if the reviewer is unaware there’s nothing we can do but go with what we have. The only way I discovered this was I needed a link. Other books I had reviewed were listed as contact author for purchase, so who am I to say this one isn’t in the same process.

Out of print doesn’t mean out of mind. An author may wish to pull their book for numerous reasons, but that doesn’t take it away from those who have already purchased it or from any reviewer who was given a copy.

Communication and record keeping in this business is a must. This is why I’ve shared my review list on the website, well, one of the reasons. If you think I might have one of your books then check the list and email me. Let’s talk updates. And a review is just as valid for a long published piece as any newly published one.

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