Campy Movie Reviews?

Who doesn’t like a good ole campy movie? Be it toilet room humour, monster, monster-animal, comedy, horror, science fiction, anything. Even some of the famous comic names have done what could be classified as campy movies…Abbott and Costello, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, Martin and Lewis to name a few.

Campy movies, for me, have an innocence to them. There is no pretense of seriousness except in the manner they were worked. They are movies simply to entertain and escape from life’s moments. There are no lessons, no commentaries on current affairs and sometimes there actually are and these are so blended in…or, so out in your face…that we don’t even realize until we rewatch, rethink, have that ahh enlightenment.

Campy monster-animal movies are not out to evilize or villainize sharks, squids, orcas, grizzlies…you know which movies immediately come to mind. They are made for escape and sometimes I watch just to see the stupid humans get killed.

Being an addict of Shark Week, I’ve heard a few marine biologists state that Jaws was what inspired them to study sharks and other ocean life. With the negative a positive most always follows.

And, tell me, you didn’t immediately name the actors and actresses you’ve caught in those monster-animal movies. You know which ones. The ones whose careers have either disappeared from mainstream eyes or whose careers are these B, C, even D movies.

I love a good B movie. Heck, I love a good bad B movie. I’ll tolerate a bad B movie, even a worse B movie, simply because they’re there and fill a needed break…or to help me fall asleep. However, I do appreciate the people involved had their own dreams and reasons.

Back when these first came out, Halloween and Friday the 13th, they scared the crap out of me. Now? Best never meant to be B movies.

Porky’s I and II…good old toilet-room sex humour. Kim Cattrall’s locker room scene was priceless. The coach’s “gas” laugher even better. Oh, and the “wanted” poster in the first movie was nearly outdone by the Bible versus Shakespeare scene in the second. The third movie kinda got lost.

My point is that I do believe we’ve all watched a campy movie and enjoyed it/them more than any big blockbuster. Admitting to this, well…

I may not get my chats/reviews on all of these wonders, but I hope to introduce you to a few and have you introduce others to me.


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